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International Moving Made Easy With Kent International Movers

Overseas moving is usual even in the past. Merchants and travelers in past traversed all over the continents for trading of products and services making use of beasts and ships with higher risks. In the present day nevertheless, overseas moving is carried out with simplicity and security particularly with sensible preparation and choice of a moving company.

In Australia, one name continues to enjoy prestige in relocation and storage business -Kent International Movers. Founded by Kent family in 1946, Kent Movers is a recognized leader with many decades of expertise and knowledge in interstate and overseas moving. It offers integrated services, functions with high-level facilities, and manages a system of offices all over Australia.

Integrated Services

Moving overseas takes so much of your time in planning and execution. Kent Movers assures that its customers are relieved of the unnecessary burden with its integrated services such as:

• Planning. In each step of international moving, Kent assists its clients to save time and unnecessary expenses. It offers counsel on what to expect in customs, overview on the requirement for which kinds of visas, and thorough briefing on schooling, housing, and points of contacts in the new country of residence.

• Arranging for Insurance. Unlike some moving company, Kent is bold in explaining to customers the importance of obtaining insurance for the valuables in transit and storage. Overseas moving requires more time than interstate. To make sure security from unforeseen damages irrespective of the meticulous efforts, Kent aids clients by arranging insurance from its licensed insurance broker. Customers will be provided a Product Disclosure Statement describing the features of insurance policy. Of course, the decision exclusively rests on the clients.

• Custom-made packaging. In every interstate and overseas moving endeavor, Kent makes sure that the goods are packed in custom-fit wooden boxes, specialized craters, and exclusively designed storage chambers. When necessary, it can also prepare polystyrene injection moulding for a particularly important possession.

Advanced Facilities

Whether or not the merchandises are stored on short or long terms, Kent’s storage facilities are outstanding. It stores things in containers, which are consequently kept in wooden lift vans, or 6.5-meter high ISO containers. It has in its possession 1300 containers to accommodate the growing demand for trustworthy storage. Clients are assured that their precious belongings are protected from pests and damages with Kent’s respective automatic pest management facilities and world-class security management services. The storage facilities are likewise equipped with fire protection and cleaning systems.

International Networks

In Australia, Kent maintains elaborate warehouses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Townsville. Each of these branches provides equally amazing services in interstate and international moving.

In global communities, Kent takes pride in being a member, director, or shareholder in several of the world’s well-known removal associations. It can conveniently deliver merchandise to international regions including Europe, Asia, and the United States. Kent International Movers is a vital player in the international market for over 25 years.

Kent Movers cares for its customers by delivering value-added services. Available for free on its website are insights regarding international moving such as what to bring or do at least three days before the big day. It will also deal with the disconnection of utility services on departure.

In the present day's time and age, international moving becomes part of a country’s culture. For various reasons, people and companies look towards moving to a different location. When that happens, there is only one name to trust in handling all relocation and storage requirements - Kent International Movers.

Kent is the largest privately-owned removals and storage company, incorporating relocation, mobility and consulting services in Australia. Established in 1946 by the Kent family, the business has been providing clients with professional, reliable and expertservice for almost 60 years.

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